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*Alex came from Uruguay to New York on vacation in 1992 and never went back. This former Arquitecture student started his career at the legendary underground party XK, where he served the nigh elite goers with his signature futuristic tribal sound. Word quickly spread of his rising star's potential, and he was offered a prestigious spot on the main floor of NY's TWILO night Club, opening for Danny Tenaglia, later taking the helm as the headlining act. From there to a residency @ Peter Gatien's TUNNEL. Alex was approached by grammy winner remixer/prod , Peter Rauhofer who introduce him to the recording studio where they collaborated on several tracks for Peter's project "Size Queen" album Pimps Pumps and Pushers from where Alex remixed the track K-HOLE, his first studio remix , a joint
venture with NYC DJ great Johnny Vicious. When the legendary church turned nightclub LIMELIGHT reopen in the summer of 1998, A signed for a weekly spot which would bring him to the attention of the most famous promoters in NYC.From there Alex becomes an elite Dj for the circuit scene headlining on the most notorious clubs in the city like THE ROXY . From there Alex shared the DJ booth in many occasions with world renowned DJS like Saha and Diggweed, Paul Oakenfold, Timo Mass, Junior Vazquez , Diddy Sinclair, David Guetta to name a few.

*Alexlauterstein.com is born.

*At the get go of the new millennium Alex mixed HX magazine's debut double CD compilation(Centaur Records), the critically acclaimed "The HX PROJECT" followed by a promo tour soon after through the US, Canada, Japan and South America . Note, this former Arch student and , by extension a perfectionist who would always color inside the lines-insisted on recording the set in a "live"setting in order to enhance its overall energy. According to Lauterstein's philosophy, " a mixed set that is recorded in the studio is often going to be too perfect, it's not going to have the 'live'feel that you get in the club...for me that feeling it's very important".

*Alex records his first original studio project with composer Hayley Moss , in a film soundtrack meets electronica meets house music , under the studio name " THREE WING BUTTERFLY" for the EP METAMORPHOSIS which features 4 original tracks plus 3 remixes. The group first track was picked up by Peter Rauhofer for a remix project of his classic works. *Alex records the second continuos Mixed compilation for Centaur Records for the Global Groove series" FEEL MY DRUMS" followed by a US/Canada tour. *Alex appears at the Electric Circus @ MUCH MUSIC TV , Toronto, Canada.
*Alex puts out his 3rd continuous mix (Centaur Records) for Global Groove series but this time he switches gears and presents for the first time for the label the " CHILL OUT" getting amazing reviews , 4 out of 5 stars. As this review from About.com tells: "It's a fine line that DJs walk between mixing Chill out and Dance music. Although both are related to the same Electronica family, they're more like distant cousins. Each needs and deserves a different kind of attention, and has almost opposite points of view. Dance music is all about exciting partiers to their feet with thumping beats and rousing vocals, while Chillout generally entices us with quieter bedroom vibes. Few DJs have had success trying to jump from one style to the other. Luckily, Alex Lauterstein makes a smooth transition with his second Global Groove release "Chillout". Here he puts together an intelligent and impressive collection, including tracks from downtempo darlings Alex Gopher, Zero 7 and Groove Armada. The compilation is deliciously inviting and perfect for setting the mood—whether you're trying to unwind or unzip. Starting out the mix is the ethereal "Float On" by Mystic Diversions, a warm, jazzy track that evokes the feeling of a relaxing, sunny afternoon on a beach. As with other types of Electronic music, escapism is an important part of Chillout—it's easy to get lost in it's flow. Lauterstein continues this ambiance by almost seamlessly melding Tim "Love" Lee's swanky "One Night Samba" into Goldfrapp's strangely beautiful "Pilots." This simple movement sets a good pace, demonstrating his ability arrange a solid compilation. He ends the disk nicely with "At The River" by Groove Armada followed by Mandalay's "Not Seventeen", two modern classics that are truly representative of the genre. The problem with most Chillout mixes is that DJs rely far too much on popular hits, forsaking the easy flow of music for safe, overplayed tunes. Clearly, Lauterstein does not fall into this trap. And even though he might have honed his skills in the New York House scene, on "Global Groove: Chillout", he also shows us he's not afraid to explore greener pastures."

*Alex creates the soundtrack for the DOLCE & GABBANA 02-03 Fall Winter Show in Milan, Italy, including one of his remixes , GET IT READY , as the closing theme song for the show. Alex artsy sensitivity to the fashion world and good taste is evident to many designers , leading him to work in several projects in the coming years for the likes of CALVIN KLEIN, VERA WANG, (creating a series of 15 mix cds for VW showrooms), FRANKIE MORELLO, ARMANI X as also with magazines like OUT, GENRE, PAPER, SPIN to name a few. *PARIS NOIR. 2002- Alex headlines the first European TOUR in the city of love, bringing a full on production from NY to Paris for a 3 day club tour @ the most prestigious parisians nightclubs like LA LOCOMOTIVE, THE RED LITE and THE MONKEY CLUB . PARIS ROUGE. 2003 - Alex 2nd european tour through Paris which becomes a residency for the next year and then Amsterdam ,playing at the one and only legendary SUPPER CLUB and CLUB IT. PARIS NOIR 3. 2004 - Alex 3rd european tour playing FRANCE, HOLLAND, GERMANY. *For the next 6 years to date Alex tours playing around the US @ the best nightclubs ,covering over 15 cities, including NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, MIAMI, ATLANTA, DC, CHICAGO, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON, ORLANDO, SAN DIEGO, HAWAII; Canada, TORONTO , MONTREAL where he resides for over 4 years at club STEREO
and UNITY ; Europe/Asia/South America, MOSCOW, TOKYO, TEL AVIV, RIO DE JANEIRO, BUENOS AIRES, PUNTA DEL ESTE, BRUSSELS, PARIS, STUTTGART, AMSTERDAM,CANCUN, etc. *In the recent years Alex has been devoted more to the studio production in NY than traveling around the world...Mastering this craft he has put out several remixes and original tracks. He is been working in his solo album for the last 4 years titled "SMOKING SIGNALS" to be released in the upcoming year. An original production that has brought him back to his 3WingButterly roots, to his love for mystery movies , all things Bond , all things Warhol, ambient/house/electronica, and the over the top glamour of the 80's music,...a merge of all these in an aesthetic that only Lauterstein can conceived in his mind. *2008 Alex starts working with ARMANI XCHANGE, where he performs monthly providing the perfect soundtrack for shoppers in all the manhattan locations, creating a "club" like feel experience. *Alex performs/DJ at the ACE FASHION AWARDS 2008 and 2009 @ Ciprianni in Manhattan NY, with special honorees Stella Mc Carthy and Lady GAGA .

2010 to Present.
In the studio he has released on itunes recently Sirpaul's " SWINGER, THE ALEX LAUTERSTEIN DREAM PROJECT", an EP with 3 original remixes. Has worked with folk rock group THE FLYING CHANGE on a remix for the song "BURNING A HORSE" and presently working remixing the song" SINGER SONGWRITER". *Exploring and experimenting is what Alex enjoys the most and being a musician is the next logical step for him. For this he has formed with fame producer and performer SIRPAUL, the studio& live Band SIMULOVER, a blend of dance/pop/80's/electronica .The project is being recorded presently in 3 recording studios in NY, Manhattan and the first cut of this project "UNBROKEN" will be out soon as the album in the beginning of next year. *In a long spam of 14 years of DJING, touring and producing fresh beats, Alex reputation has won him fans both here and abroad. With several studio releases in the horizon and the newborn SIMULOVER , Alex's finest days are yet to come. Watch this space for more...

Alex Lauterstein Discography / remixes/ EP / FULL albums
K-HOLE. Size Queen. /remix
MY ORCHARD . Size Queen ./ Remix
THE HK PROJECT. / Alex Lauterstein Continuos mix album.
GLOBAL GROOVE FEEL MY DRUMS./ Alex Lauterstein Cont. mix. album.
GLOBAL GROOVE CHILL OUT. / Alex Lauterstein Cont mix. album.
GET IT READY. Cherylyn. /Remix MUTHERFUCKER. Sirpaul. /Remixes.
CIRCUS. Britney Spears. /Remix.
WHISKEY . Lucky Bitch. /Remix.
BURNING A HORSE. The Flying Change./Remix

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