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When one thinks of Los Angeles, they tend to think of fame, fortune, Hollywood and the movie industry, but LA is much more than that, it is home to some of the hottest clubs, nightlife and most influential people in the music industry today. Which leads us to the energetic, fireball DJ Irene! For more than a decade now, DJ Irene has played a pivotal part on the LA club scene starting and sporting spinning trends as well as making name for herself in this male dominated industry.

While currently holding one of the longest running residencies on the LA club circuit with her nine-year gig at Circus Disco, Irene can also be seen weekly at the legendary, Arena as well as Robbie’. Each club is able to witness this compelling and talented DJ work her
magic and make the audience sweat night after night. "Seeing Irene work in her environment is as fun to watch as it is to dance to. She plays some of the most hard, energetic and driving house music that you can find, and “she fuses every essence of her soul with each single beat that leaves her needles” compliments DMA (Dance Music Authority Magazine). When asked about being a DJ, Irene adds, I like everything. People are actually my favorite, so I play for the people. Whatever their energy is, I vibe off that and then they vibe off my energy. Maybe that’ why I’m so energetic!"

Irene began spinning in 1984 while attending college for commercial photography. It was when she met photo partner, Henry De Lapena that everything changed. Henry was able to guide Irene into a hobby that would soon become a career. Throughout the years, Irene would practice for hours, spin at local parties, spend countless weekends at clubs watching and listening to her favorite DJ’ just to help master her craft.

Years later, this influential lady delivers her second CD release of continuously blended dance floor anthems. Mixed lived at the legendary Arena, Hard House Live offers 60 minutes of the hottest house music around with the live ambiance of the club intertwined with the music.

After a decade in the business, a Billboard reporting spot, a radio mix gig, a successful club run And two mix CD’, Irene has begun experimenting with remixing and producing. On the production/remixing end, Irene has just finished up “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” by Sonic Dream Collective, “Ole” by Kahuna with Chris Cox and “You Gotta Pay Me” with Rudy Rude Dog. Another feather in the cap of miss Irene is when Disney included her mix of “Someday” by Donna Summer from Beauty & The Beast on the Disney Mouse House Remix compilation. Look for two new mix compilations and more trend setting remixes from this fierce DJ. The fact is, DJ Irene has only just begun!

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