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She walks to her own beat, moves to her own rhythm, sings to her own tune, breathes to her own tempo and dances to her own groove! This is an "Alyson in Wonderland" tale! Welcome to the world of singer, songwriter, dancer and actress ALYSON – a world in which the young performer, a Billboard Top 20 Artist of 2005 and one of few independent artists to have 3 consecutive Top 10 Billboard Hits from a debut album, recognizes that singing and songwriting is beyond a business, and is first and foremost a crafted art.

Breaking onto the music scene less than a year ago, Alyson has suddenly invaded our radio airwaves, spun DJs' turn-tables, infiltrated our Ipods, and channeled her way through the worldwide web with her freshman album "Take A Good Look". Beyond the breakthrough
status, Alyson has single-handedly earned herself the moniker of music phenomenon. The 15-track debut album which vaulted her from anonymity to notoriety, is now enjoying more than a "good look", and rightfully receiving a good listen. She delivers a loose, tour-de-force vocal that simmers alongside a steroid-charged Pop/Dance musical backdrop that is energetic, fast and furious. A sublime balladeer, Alyson also crafted sterling R&B/Pop flavored slow and mid-tempo tracks, offering a cocktail of soulful, sexy, funky, poetic and passionate sounds that are a feast to the ear.

Alyson is that rare artist who has successfully crossed into multiple radio formats, receiving airplay on 65 radio stations nationwide spanning Top 40, Urban, Dance and AC formats, and has reached #1 on both Urban and Dance Club Charts. It is no mystery why Alyson is already being compared to the likes of Madonna, Joss Stone, Kylie Minogue, Deborah Cox, Janet Jackson and Taylor Dayne, to name a few. But how does a little unknown artist achieve so much in such little time, and succeed in grabbing an increasingly glowing ray of the spotlight?

While most unknown artists find themselves singing in obscure bars hoping to be discovered by a major label for airplay and distribution of their music, Alyson decided to pave her own way to the radio waves and retail shelves. The New York native has certainly inherited the go-getter panache of the Big Apple and, refusing to take a bite at the common pie, concocted her own recipe for success! The ingredients were simple: persistence, dedication, passion, talent and a strong sense of business.

Fashioning the do-it-yourself approach, Alyson proved that there is momentum in the world of the independents and that hard work goes a long, long way! She schooled herself on the ins and outs of the music business, learned about street promotion, internet/store and digital distribution, and finally launched her own record label, PM Media, on which she commercially pressed and released her debut album "Take A Good Look". Her sense of entrepreneurship and marketing expertise recently culminated in the PM Media signings of a major national retail distribution deal and a worldwide digital distribution deal. "Take A Good Look" is now available in most retail stores across the U.S. including Virgin Megastore, Tower,
Wherehouse, Barnes and Noble and Borders, and at most online retailers including iTunes,, and many more. A complete list of retailers is on the "BUY" page of this site.

Alyson's "business woman" suit is one she instinctively put on as far back as when she was 8-years-old, when the entrepreneurial young artist would recruit kids in her neighborhood to be part of musical/dance productions she would produce and perform to entertain friends, family and neighbors alike for a modest quarter a ticket! She revived such blockbusters as "Grease" and "Annie", and redefined the choreography of such dance classics as the unforgettable Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer "Enough is Enough" duo, the early beginning of Alyson's love of Dance and R&B music.

But enough was certainly not quite enough for Alyson who showed that a mere quarter can, in the long run, fructify into good fortune. She moved to Los Angeles two years ago and, with fate stepping in, met her producer and co-writer Daveed within weeks of touch-down on Los Angeles soil. The artistic chemistry was instant and Alyson immediately went to work penning songs for her first album.

From daytime label executive to overnight pop phenomenon, Alyson's climb to the top of the charts has been paved with serendipitous encounters, fortunate opportunities and colorful headlines. She was named by Billboard Magazine a Top 20 Artist of the Year for 2005 on the Billboard Dance Chart; she bombarded the Billboard Dance Chart with 3 singles consecutively hitting the Top 10; her singles have played on 65 radio stations nationwide spanning Top 40, Urban, Dance and AC Formats, and have reached #1 on both Urban and Dance Club Charts; she was nominated "Best New Artist" at this year's prestigious International Dance Music Awards (where she was also a presenter) in conjunction with the Miami Winter Music Conference; she reached the Top 5 at #4 on the World Top 30 Dance/Trance chart (tracks international activity of songs) with her 2nd single "Feel You"; her 3rd single "Nothin More To Say" just hit # 1 on the prestigious DJ TIMES Magazine National Top 40 Chart in the November 2005 issue (this is the 3rd consecutive TOP 5 hit by Alyson on that chart from her debut album); "Nothin More To Say" just debuted at #9 on Luxembourg's Singles Chart and #14 on Finland's Singles Chart that tracks radio airplay (November 20, 2005 chart);she has tasted professional acting, securing a leading role in the film "Gods That Kill", an official selection at this year's Miami International Film Festival, and a supporting role in the feature film "Mr. Jinx", licensing as well 4 of her songs from "Take A Good Look" for the "Mr. Jinx" soundtrack (including the title track of the movie); she shared the stage in 2005 with music icon Deborah Harry at the Los Angeles Pride concert and with Grammy Award-winning DJ/Producer Hex Hector at the legendary Los Angeles club "Avalon"; she attached her name to numerous compilations including the German-based label Dance Street/ZYX's "White Party USA Vol. 3", "Gay Happening Volume 12", "Gay Happening Vol. 13" and Centaur Music's "White Party Volume 6"; and she caught the attention of big-gun producers like Grammy Award-winner Hex Hector (who remixed her third commercially-released single "Nothin More To Say"), legendary Ralphi Rosario (who remixed her first and second singles "What're You Gonna Do" and "Feel You"), and E-Smoove (who affixed his signature style to "Feel You").

On the fast track to success, Alyson is enjoying the road to stardom and is certainly not resting on her laurels. The recording artist just released her 4th single on January 17th, the title track of her debut album "Take A Good Look". Alyson just shot the music video for "Take A Good Look" that's produced by Jargon Entertainment, producer of special effects for major feature films and television shows including "The Fast And The Furious", "The Italian Job" and "My Name Is Earl". Alyson's new video will air soon on select television networks and in nightclubs and retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. PM Media and Jargon Entertainment will host Video Premieres in February at clubs in several U.S. cities that will be open to the public, so keep an eye on Alyson's TOUR page to find out where and when!

Alyson is also already back in the studio writing and recording her sophomore album set for release in the Summer of 2006. Alyson is co-writing her sophomore album with the legendary writing and production team Denny Randell & Biddy Schippers whose classic hits include "Workin' My Way Back To You" (recorded by The Spinners), "Native New Yorker" (recorded by Odyssey), "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" (recorded by Smash Mouth), "Pass The Courvoisier" (recorded by Busta Rhymes & P. Diddy) and many more. In recognition of his accomplishments in the music industry, Denny Randell was nominated in October 2005 to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say"
"Alyson's voice is beautiful, breathtaking and just that little bit intoxicating. She is a commanding performer and really doesn't need the constant dance rift which runs riot through the remixes of 'Nothing More to Say'. Her lyrics are filled with a disturbing passion which is nevertheless erotic and you instantly get the impression that this is a track which has been causing the interiors of many a club to vibrate with a new passion. Calling Alyson a " Dance Floor Diva" might seem a touch stereotypical but one has to admit that this woman is queen of the dance floor and very close to creating a dance floor classic with the thumping beat of 'Nothin More to Say'."
(July 27, 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
" of the most inspirational music heroines of our times.....From daytime label executive to overnight pop phenomenon, Alyson's climb to the top of the charts is nothing less than one of the most inspiring success stories and proof that motivation and dedication do pay off.
(October 5, 2005)

ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say"
"This song is more than just Alyson's voice, artistry and talent. Can somebody else sing a love song like Alyson? It seems Alyson envelopes the music with the glorious voice of Alyson and then makes the words of real meaning that can only be done in Alyson's way. This song is beyond expectation of Alyson's fans. It is not a surprise that listening to this recording makes you cry and addictive, or even crazy on it."
(October 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look" (5 out of 5 stars)
"Her album, Take a Good Look (PM Media), smokes from its first scintillating rhythms on the first cut, "Feel You," a great intro for both the first track and the album as a whole...The musical magic of her first five tracks drops you into the middle of a non-stop, all-hours dance frenzy..."Didn't Ya Think," track eleven, is a pulsating potpourri of rhythms and her honey-dipped vocalizations."
(August 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
"Take A Good Look is an exceptional album and a harbinger of the greatness to come."
(July 27, 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
"She channels dance-floor divas of the past with subtle but effective nods to everyone from Cathy Dennis and Taylor Dayne to Billie Ray Martin, Exposé, and Janet Jackson...Some album highlights are "Like That"—a song Jennifer Lopez could only aspire to record—and "Didn't Ya Think"—a relentless throbbing update of "Keep Me Hangin' On." Alyson also gets my vote for her vocal restraint. She's got a powerful and subtle instrument but she employs none of the over-the-top histrionics to which others with her abilities fall victim."

Frontiers Magazine
(July 5, 2005 – Los Angeles, CA)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
" The 15 tracks on Take a Good Look showcase a wide array of styles. The singer sounds equally comfortable performing breezy pop numbers like the Islands-flavored "Forever" and R&B-tinged "Baby Come Back."…Unquestionably, Alyson is most at home on the dancefloor. Awaiting immediate DJ attention is the Randolph Club Mix of the CD's title track. Sizzling "Didn't Ya Think," another uptempo confection, bears an uncanny likeness to Kim Wilde's mid-80s chartopper "You Keep Me Hangin' On." The singer is rightfully proud of the album, not only for its success to date but because of its commercial availability in general."
(June 30, 2005)

ALYSON, "Take A Good Look"
"An early listen to her debut CD "Take A Good Look" reveals more than mere dance music. It's an upbeat and sometimes moody mixture of pop, dance and R&B. Comparisons to Kylie Minogue seem obligatory, but on one track, "Nothin More To Say", Alyson's longing vocals slide much closer to Joss Stone."

David Atlanta Magazine
(March 23, 2005 - Atlanta, GA)

ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say"
"Nothin More To Say" - Alyson's third single and it should do just as well as the first two. Both Hex and Norty remixes are hot – especially check out Norty's Dub! Eric Kupper dishes up a delicious disco remix that I think suits Alyson's vocals best."

Flavas Magazine
(July 2005)

ALYSON, "Nothin More To Say
"Clearly a rising talent worth keeping an eye out for, Alyson is now out with her third dance single following two Top 10 Billboard hits. Hex Hector, Eric Kupper and Norty Cotto all come through with strong mixes for a range of dance floor vibes."

BOI Magazine
(July 2005)

Response to Alyson's Performance at "Avalon Hollywood" April 10, 2005:
"Ken says thanks to the 600+ people who showed up for the amazing performances of Hex Hector, Chris Wren, Alyson and Lux. If emails and phone calls are any indication it was a kick ass evening, and it sure looks like Alyson has a hit on her hands with "Nothin More to Say" her groovy single on "Take a Good Look" being released May 17. Not only is she in Ken's Dream Girl category for being amazing to work with, she stayed until the end of the night to say thanks to YOU. Give it up to Alyson for making Ken the world premier event."

John Brady Presents
(April 2005)

ALYSON, "Feel You" (4 out of 5 Stars)
"It's easy to see why up-and-coming dance artist Alyson is being compared to Kylie Minogue. Not only do the two share similar looks, they both produce commercially charged dance anthems with hypnotically memorable hooks! Like Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," "Feel You" is a dance song with strong crossover potential."

411 Magazine
(January 2005 - Miami, Florida)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"Score another for Alyson. Her confident, sexy vocals once again unite with 'center stage' producers to yield a follow-up equal to "What're You Gonna Do"".
(December 2004)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"There are a few things you need to know about Alyson. She not only wrote, produced and performed this new single, but she also released the song independently without the push of a major label. Noteworthy tidbit is also that the album version of the song has been playing in Abercrombie & Fitch stores since September. "Feel You" is taken from her debut album "Take A Good Look" that also includes the club hits "Baby Come Back" and "What're You Gonna Do" (which hit an admirable #4 on the Billboard dance chart in September). Alyson's vocals at times sound somewhat similar to Madonna's."
(December 2004)

ALYSON, "Feel You"
"Currently blowing up big time on the Billboard dance chart comes "Feel You" from vocalist Alyson. This two-tracker is all about the no-nonsense remixes from RALPHI ROSARIO and E-SMOOVE. Ralphi's bomb walks the line between dark and hard tech and poppy deepness with a tough tribal edge and quality production value - always the best from this veteran. E-Smoove's dub goes for a hard-nosed buzzy house electro vibe, akin to the monster stuff he's put out on Sondos recently. Two sturdy mixes of this catchy vocal."
December 2004

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