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Does the name Gillette ring a bell? Well, it should. Back in 94/95 her hit song "Short Dick Man" took the country by storm with its controversial lyrics and undeniable heart-pumping beat. Still not familiar? Better check your CD collection. After going gold in over 10 countries, Gillette is no amateur.

The success of her debut album On The Attack which included her second single, "Mr. Personality" and the club hit "You're a Dog," commanded appearances world wide in places that included the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Russia, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy and South Africa. That's not including all of the Countries that were requesting tour dates from
Gillette. Because of the phenomenal success of "Short Dick Man", she wasn't able to meet the demands. Gillette says, "This time around I hope to have the endurance to reach EVERYWHERE."

During Gillette's 'short, short' break from the music business, lots of changes occurred. She has a new look, a new label and a new attitude. She states, "I am extremely excited to get back on tour and get reacquainted with my fans; it’s been a long time." While on break she became more involved with her first passion, acting. Gillette was cast in several independent films and she was also cast as host and correspondent for a pilot music show in the Chicago area.

With all the new changes in Gillette's life, one thing remains the same, she continues to work with the original writers and producers of her hit singles and first album Charlie "Babie" Rosario and Manny Mohr.

Her new label, Houston based Latium Records just inked a deal with industry legend John "Jellybean" Benitez to collaborate on the release of Gillette's new album on Latium/Jellybean Recordings. The first single off the album is the "What's that?" provoking "Sex Tonight," written by Mohr & Rosario. With its catchy beat and outspoken lyrics the song is already garnering national mixshow attention for this Chicago based trio. When we recently asked Gillette are you still “On The Attack?” She replied, "Not quite on the attack, but definitely Ready For Action.
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