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American Pop Dance Idol

Boom Boom Boom (Let's go back to my room)

Paul's Track/Dance Club Show usually consists of the ollowing songs:
Paul is an international recording artist who is best known for his hits "Boom Boom Boom Let's Go Back to My Room" and "Come on Over to My House" from the album - Tattoo It. His new song and video, "I Need a Hit" produced by Massi and De Leon, Oscar Velazquez, Georges Figares, Steven Redant & Lenz Garcia, Edison Pride and Ranny & Bryan Reyes availbale On Continuious Cool/Camp Entertainment.

Paul's much-acclaimed acting career includes the independent film "CIRCUIT" which is available now in stores on DVD. His hit song "Assume the Position" is featured on the soundtrack. Paul is also featured in the films "HELLBENT" "SEX POLITICS AND COCKTAILS" andd "DON'T TELL - DON'T ASK," which marks his writing/directorial debut. (Multiple TV appearances available upon request).

Mr. Lekakis has done extensive touring both internationally and across the US and his updated and revised show is ready for 2011 to give the fans what they've been waiting for.

For all inquiries Contact, 424-261-CAMP (2267).

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