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It is rare that popular music offers us a voice that resonates with depth and sensuality. It’s even rarer when a voice strikes the heart and soul with music that is not only ahead of it’s time but stands the test of time. As lead singer of the highly successful R&B trio, First Choice, Rochelle Fleming did just that.

With hits like, “Armed & Extremely Dangerous”, “Newsy Neighbors”, “The Player” & “Smarty Pants”, Rochelle became an architect of what would be known as the Philly Soul Sound. As pioneers of the dance music movement of the 70’s, First Choice, lead by Rochelle Fleming, were fixtures on the club circuit.

It was the soaring, passionate vocals of Rochelle Fleming & her ability to attack each note with reckles s abandon that propelled songs “Dr. Love”, “Love Thang”, “Double Cross” & “Let No Man Put Asunder” (It’s Not Over) into dance club anthems. As the 80’s & 90’s ushered in, Rochelle continued to make her mark on the music scene by lending her powerhouse vocals to numerous Club, Dance, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop songs making her one of the most sampled artist in music history.

While her music is still in heavy rotation in nightclubs, on radio, and performed all over the world, Rochelle isn’t resting on her laurels nor slowing down. She attributes most of her success to the LGBT community who has embraced and sustained her career throughout the years.

Rochelle gives back by performing at countless events including those pertaining to HIV/AIDS awareness.

Whether Rochelle’s music has provided a soundtrack for leisurely strolls down memory lane or if it compels you to dance ‘til the morning sun, you can rest assure that …IT’S NOT OVER!

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