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Xaviera Gold, a native Chicagoan, grew up in the South Shore area, on the south side of the city. This is where it all began.

Xaviera has always loved to sing and dance to music since she was four years old. She attended Whitney M. Young High School, and left for college at the tender age of sixteen. Xaviera completed one year at Shimer College, and then graduated from Columbia College with A Bachelor of Arts Degree.

During college, Xaviera studied Music Business, Arts Communication, and worked as a disc jockey on the radio station WCRX. Later, she
landed the position on Chicago's number one urban contemporary radio station, WBMX, as the first female "hot mixer" D.J. with the "Hot mix 5" Disc Jockey team. Xaviera's mixes played on the air every week.

Xaviera gave up D.J. mixing in 1987 when she decided to start her music career. The club hit "You Used To Hold Me" featuring Xaviera Gold, produced by Ralphi Rosario, gave a new meaning to house music.

Xaviera continued to be featured on four other songs after "You Used To Hold Me, and finally, "Gonna Get Back To You", produced by M.A.W. & Company put Xaviera on the map again. "Gonna Get Back To You", a Billboard Club hit, is expected - without a doubt - to rise to the top. Look out for the lovely, sassy Xaviera Gold!

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