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John Rizzo

John Rizzo

John has become popular for his musical versatility, switching from dark and mysterious beats to charged-up, electrifying vocals with hard grooves. “I love creating music on the fly,” he says. “I am a percussion junkie. I also love melodies and brilliant vocals but all in all, I have one simple rule: If it doesn’t make me dance, I won’t play it.”

“With incredible precision and ability, John creates a vibe in the dance hall that will carry you directly to the floor with your hands raised in the air screaming for more. John’s last appearance had the party goers of Washington talking for days.” – The Staff and Management of Apex Nightclub (Wash. DC)

John uses the same philosophy with his production work. In the studio, Rizzo has produced numerous chart-topping remixes including the #1 Billboard dance hit “Set It Free” by Jason Walker and “New Horizon” by drag extraordinaire, SupaNova along with hits by RuPaul, Amuka, and Taxidoll, whose music is featured on the UPN-TV show VERONICA MARS. He also was a featured producer on Suzanne Palmer’s Home album for Star Sixtynine records…. and the list of productions goes on.

Rizzo has become one of the industries leading dance-music hit makers. In addition to maintaining his nationwide tour schedule and creating radio hits, Rizzo’s hosted his own radio mix shows on two New York dance stations, formed his own production studio (Lucky 6 Studio), and has even owned and operated his own successful New York dance club!

He promises it’s still only the beginning. “With his first mixed CD compilation on D1 Music entitled “Mixpoint”, John Rizzo makes a “kick the door down” entrance, and is determined to be the one guy you remember through all that swirls around the circuit world.

Unlike many other first-time mix CDs, John Rizzo isn’t depending solely on the talent of others to guarantee his success, 4 of the disc’s 13 tracks are remixed by Rizzo himself. Also, his tracklisting isn’t exactly a “Hits List”, the majority of these tracks appear to be selections made based on his own tastes as opposed to what’s going to grab the eye, and after listening to the disc the reason for the selections is pretty clear-these are undiscovered gold.

Watch this one, we may have a rising star on our hands”.

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