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Lydia Prim

Lydia Prim

From a distance, with her cap pulled down, it’s easy to mistake the Alabama-born DJ Lydia Prim for a good ol’ boy instead of a Southern belle – a fact that suits her just fine. While her beautiful and petite mother dreamed of the Southern traditions—debutante balls, finishing schools, a good sorority—the husky tomboy was hypnotized instead by mirror balls. .” My ‘finishing schools’ were Backstreet in Atlanta and The Bourbon Pub/Parade in New Orleans” says Lydia with a wide grin on her face. “Mother always said I should join a sorority to help my progression as a young lady……I thought the Brotherhood of DJs was a better choice.”

When asked to describe Lydia, DJ/Producer Tony Moran used the following words: “Over the years of experiencing some of the most incredible performances that bring out feelings of hope, love, inspiration, and appreciation, Lydia Prim has to be one of the tops of a very short list of those who have managed to consistently bring out the best of what a meaningful night has to offer. She proves that music is not a formula that you repeat over and over to create the same effect…”

DJ Lydia Prim’s dedication to dance music was forged in the clubs of the hot and sticky South. Starting in Pensacola, Florida, and then Birmingham, Alabama, where she was added to Billboard Magazine’s prestigious Club DJ panel. Soon she was playing major events in Atlanta and fell in love with the thriving dance scene and nightlife. She moved to Atlanta, where she quickly won a residency at the famous 24-hour mega-club Backstreet. After several successful years in Atlanta, she received an offer to join The Bourbon Pub/Parade in New Orleans. Lydia once again joined a nightclub with a national reputation, where tourists from all over the country were exposed to her amazing ability to take dancers on a journey like no other. The years in New Orleans led to a wide fan base and guest appearances far beyond the boundaries of the southern states.

Lydia has played venues with many well-known DJs including Manny Lehman, Tony Moran, Junior Vasquez, Chris Cox, Oscar G., and countless others. The Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles, had these words to say about Lydia: “I became familiar with Lydia’s artistry a number of years back thru my legendary friend, Buc From Atlanta.”, says Frankie. “Not only is Lydia a great technician but her taste in music is absolutely exquisite. Her sounds know just how to reach you at just the right moment on the dance floor. And I don’t just say this because I love the woman (or the boy in her) but, there are only a handful of DJs that truly appeal to my musical spirit. Lydia is one. One AMAZING musician/dj/artist.”

Venues Lydia has played include Twilo, Sound Factory, and SBNY in New York, Nation in DC, Eleven in LA, CroBar in Chicago/Miami, Backstreet in Detroit, Pure in Philadelphia, and Universe in San Francisco just to name a few. Clubs across the nation were charmed by the wide-eyed, wildly enthusiastic DJ who pounded their dance floors with her unique blend of sexy vocals and sleazy rhythms. She became a repeatedly requested DJ at major events including Winter Party, Black & Blue, Cherry DC, Hotlanta, Pride New York, Fireball, Fashion Cares, Folsom Street Fair, Gay Disney, and White Party (both the Miami and Palm Springs incarnations) She was chosen by the most recognized producer of dance/circuit CD’s in the country, Centaur Records/Global Groove, for three of their popular mixed CD releases. Lydia recently made an impressive return to the Gay Days line-up in June of 2009, where she was the DJ at the Let’s Go Play party held at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Over 4000 were in attendance, and the event was by far the most successful of the weekend..

Lydia Prim currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has become a regular in the South Florida dance scene. When not on the road, she can be found playing at CroBar/Exit 66 in Fort Lauderdale as well as Twist in Miami Beach and The Honey Pot in Tampa.

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