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Zambian-born Rozalla’s impressive string of hit singles has earned her the title ‘Queen Of Rave’. Rozalla first came on the scene in the 1980s in Zimbabwe, the country she had moved to from her birth country. Her singles charted well in the area and an English record producer took her to London in 1988. Rozalla’s career took off when she released ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’ in 1991. The song became a massive success, and was one of the bestselling singles of the year, reaching the top 10 in numerous countries. Today this anthemic rave classic is seen as one of the most influential dance songs of the decade.

1992 was a particularly good year for Rozalla. Her debut album, named after her debut hit, flew straight into the UK top 20 and spawned two more international hit singles: ‘Are You Ready To Fly’ and ‘Faith (In the Power of Love)’. Rozalla also toured with Michael Jackson on his “Dangerous” tour, opening all of his performances.

Rozalla subsequently recorded the theme song to the film, Carlito’s Way, ‘I Love Music, which enjoyed UK Top 20/U.S. Hot 100 success in 1994. Further British hits followed in ‘Baby’, ‘This Time I Found Love’, and ‘You Never Love The Same Way Twice. 1995 saw the release of her second album ‘Look No Further.’

Rozalla’s third album ‘Coming Home was released in 1998. In 2002 she enjoyed a surprise German hit single with a remix of ‘Everybody’s Free. She re-emerged in 2003 alongside Plastic Boy on the vocal Trance hit single ‘Live Another Life,’ and 2005 saw the club hit with her track ‘All Or Nothing.’

One of dance music’s most consistent performers, it is the style and melodic flair of Rozalla’s music that sets her apart. In June 2007, she started work on a new album, her first for a number of years. It will feature less dance-oriented music, and more soul, jazz, and RnB-influenced tracks. Early reports from the studio are that the original and self-penned songs are extremely impressive.

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