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Did you love well today? It’s a simple question, yet one that feels so complex in practice. For Abigail Zsiga, that’s what it’s all about. Years ago a friend posed this question to Abigail during a time of personal struggle and today it personifies who she is as an artist, friend, mother, and dedicated advocate. Abigail’s honesty and integrity colour her work as a singer and songwriter, allowing her to communicate her life and powerfully connect with others through her music.

The authenticity that Abigail brings to the music world is a direct reflection of who she is, and her originality is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. As a trained classical vocalist, she quickly began exploring the deep, rich quality and texture that defines and distinguishes her voice. While still a teenager, Abigail had her first chart success as a featured vocalist on the track “I Feel You” for the UK trance outfit, “The Love Decade.” Soon after, she recorded her first full-length album, “Feel Good,” which earned her awards for Best Album, Best Female Vocalist, and Best New Artist.

Abigail didn’t stop there and quickly teamed up with Thunderpuss 2000 with Interhit Records to produce two dance floor hit singles — “Let the Joy Rise” and “If It Don’t Fit.” “Let the Joy Rise” was a limited-run release single that produced staggering results as a huge circuit anthem, and “If It Don’t Fit” soared to #1 on the Billboard Club Play Chart.

Having achieved extraordinary success as a vocalist, Abigail moved on to pursue her other passion, songwriting. Her first writing credit came with the release of “You Set Me Free” in 2000 on Strictly Rhythm Records, which quickly reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. As her art as a singer-songwriter evolved, it was soon time to put together a collection of her songs that expressed her deepest thoughts, feelings, and observations. Abigail’s long-awaited second album, “Home …again,” is that stunning collection, which delivers a breathtaking journey of love, loss, and triumph that surveys a huge range of emotions and experiences.

In addition to her musical achievements, Abigail is also a dedicated human rights advocate. That same friend who years ago asked, “did you love well today?” enlightened Abigail to the prevalence of human trafficking around the world. Today she passionately serves as a spokesperson for LOVE146 which works to combat Child Trafficking & Exploitation through advocacy, prevention, and aftercare. Abigail uses her platform as an artist to help spread awareness about the injustices happening to children around the world and the need for action – the need for each of us to simply and purely show love towards another human being.

For Abigail, the last 5 years have been a journey in letting go. As if a nod to her aptly titled song “Let it Go,” Abigail freed herself to concentrate on what really matters in life and pave the way for her music to be authentic and a true representation of who she is. She let go of the expectations of others. She let go of self-doubt and consciously detached herself from the notion that you have just one chance to be one thing in this world. Every phase of Abigail’s life has changed her. Every experience has moved her forward, or at times, down a new path. And with each song created comes an individual expression of her life and who Abigail Zsiga is at that point in time. Throughout this journey, there was one idea that kept surfacing. And when she thought about what she loved to sing the most, she kept coming back to the same thing — hymns. Her newest album, “Be Still My Soul,” represents her journey in letting things go and connecting to something greater than herself.

Her latest single is a collaboration with producers Bouvier & Barona called “Surrender”, which again places Abigail in the Top Ten with a billboard Club Chart position of #9. This has encouraged the team, including the label Carillo Music, to work to produce a full-length club album in 2015.

For fans who have followed her through the years, she’s still Abigail. She is quick to point out that this new album is not her foray into the Christian music scene. She explains that “Be Still My Soul” is not a religious statement, but rather a conscious step toward healing and breaking down the barriers that were keeping her creatively walled in.

Continuing in this realm, Abigail has released “Another Year”, a selection of new and original songs around a Christmas theme. Again, the power of healing and restoration is central to her approach to music and is developing a strong presence for her in a spiritual realm musically.

It’s about passing along the good and stripping away the bad. It’s about connecting to one another and using song as a bridge between a person and their situation. It’s about loving well today and each day.

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