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Amuka is the stage name used by singer/songwriter Sheila Brody Kelly. Originally from Detroit, she was discovered by The Godfather of Funk, George Clinton. She writes and sings her songs to give more life and light to heal people all over the world.

Amuka is a songwriter and vocalist, she transports listeners to another emotional place, as each chord of her voice touches a tender zone in the heart. Her tone is familiar – her words too, as they stir deep down in the soft part of your soul. She makes your heart joyful, makes you shout, as she disperses soothing medicine to make everything alright through lyrics, in which she tells the story of a woman whose spirit cannot be broken. They are stories we can all relate to.

Amuka’s talent like her stories are authentic-proven time and time again on the world’s stage as a recording artist whose musical efforts traverse their way up Billboard’s dance, rock, international and pop charts. Her powerful voice has been behind several enduring hits of this era and she has now solidified her place in the Music Industry as a bona fide anthem-singing Diva.Following her musical destiny, she developed the persona, Blackwood, relocating to Rome, Italy and where she went on to have the number one dance album, beating out Madonna with her smash hit “Peace” from the album entitled “Friday Night”. She then became known as Amuka, and released her 2003 anthem, “Appreciate Me” a hit that marked her with the number 1 song for the Top 200 Dance Songs of the year. Her second single as Amuka is “U Ain’t That Good” again charted up to the number 3 position on Billboard, and is still appreciated by club crowds globally today.

Amuka didn’t slow down, as she released another huge song entitled “I Want More” which also went number 1 on the Billboard Dance charts. Amuka then signed a Recording Contract with Ultra Records for her radio smash hit “Craving” and now sits poised to continue her domination of Dance / Pop music and the Club scene worldwide, as she vows to keep turning out hit records for her legions of fans.

Amuka is a total package artist, who writes and sings from her heart. Her fan base is loyal and they come out to see her perform live by the masses. Her fans appreciate and can relate to her lyrics because they have lived them as well. Amuka is continuously grateful and realizes that being in a state of gratitude keeps you in a good place, only bringing good things into your life.

“You’ve got to keep your heart pure. Keep it small and delicate with love and compassion, that’s all you need. There’s no room in your heart for doubt, anger, resentment or fear. There’s only room for love because God is love and everything that comes into your life is God, you just have to look for him in every situation.”

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