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Janice Robinson

Janice Robinson (Liv-N-Joy)

International singing sensation Janice Robinson, the daughter of the late-great Dr. Rev. J.J. Robinson, conquered the music industry as a singer, songwriter, choreographer, actress, and performer whose pen has written popular music’s most inspirational tunes since the 1990s internationally.

After becoming a young scholar of vocal music at the iconic East Side High School in Patterson, NJ, under the leadership of famed principal Joe Louis Clark, Robinson’s rise to fame began while she was a student at Adelphi University. Janice was discovered by legendary producer Niles Rogers and singer Carole Davis, whom Robinson became her choreographer during the late 1980s. During her college years, a meeting with a family friend landed her a coveted spot as a backup singer for Rick Wes during the sold-out world Hangin’ Tough tour headlined by 1980s teen-pop royalty The New Kids on the Block. Months after the tour, Robinson nabbed the lead singer role of the Euro-dance/pop group Snap! They ultimately taped her first TV performance ever with the #1 international hit “The Power” on “Soul Train.”

Garnering exposure in the music industry by working around the world’s most popular acts allowed Robinson to shine at the forefront as she formed the Euro-dance/pop group, Livin’ Joy, with Italian deejays Paolo and Gianni Visnadi in 1993. Serving as the lead singer, she penned and recorded the group’s debut single “Dreamer” which debuted at #1 on the UK Singles and Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts in 1995. “Dreamer” is now a global Euro-dance classic that has also charted well in Australia, Italy, and 24 other countries.

In 1998, Robinson pursued a solo career as an alternative rock/soul artist. Her demo landed in the hands of Grammy Award-winning/Golden Globe-winning entertainer Queen Latifah, Latifah’s manager Shakim Compere, A&R veteran executive Larry Rudolph, and EMI publisher Evan Lamberg, who were all instrumental in her signing to Phil Quartararo at Ghetto Works/Warner Bros Music. Quatarero felt like he discovered the female version of rock/soul singer/guitarist Lenny Kravitz. She immediately began working on her debut album The Color Within Me with an A-list selection of producers and musicians including Allen Sides, Ry Cooder, Waddy Waddy Wachtel, Steve Feronni, Jim Keltner, Siedah Garret & Richard Page. The LP caught the legendary rock ‘n’ roll singer Tina Turner’s ear which prompted her to handpick Robinson to open Turner’s Twenty-Four-Seven Tour which also included pop music veteran Lionel Richie.

Simultaneously, Robinson was known in the music industry as the “writer with an honest pen” as she collaborated with artist/producer Wyclef Jean to write music for American singers Tevin Campbell, Taylor Dayne, and Kristine W. after striking a publishing deal with EMI thru Lamberg. Upon closing the Twenty Four Seven Tour in 2001, Robinson took a break from recording to live in Europe, raise a family, and continue honing her songwriting gift, as suggested by Turner. In 2002, Robinson gave birth to daughter Kura while living in Paris. Robinson threw herself deeper into her songwriting craft which began to take off tremendously in the international markets.

Throughout the 2000s, Robinson’s songwriting became in high demand in the international markets for a diverse group of artists including winners of Pop Idol in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Australia. She also scored hits for American artists V-Factory and former Disney TV star Ashley Tisdale. With more than 21 singles internationally to her credit, Robinson landed a new publishing deal with Warner Chappelle Music in 2007 for her lauded efforts. Robinson also collaborated with industry heavyweights David Morales, Junior Vasquez, Guy Roche, Rob Fusari, Mark Batson, Red One, Bryan Todd, Michael “Smidi” Smith, Lee Horrocks, David Frank, Jay-E Epperson, Stereo, Timo Maas, Stuart Brawley, and multiple top-charting songwriter Diane Warren. Robinson has also worked with former American Idol finalists Frenchie Davis, Nadia Turner, and David Hernandez as well as actress Tikka Sumpter.

In 2008, Robinson gave birth to her younger daughter Amaya. While she was beginning to enjoy the arrival of her new baby, Robinson’s father, whom she cared for many years, passed away. Her father’s passing inspired her to record an album of new material upcoming aptly-titled album The Preacher’s Daughter through her own label Dreamer Entertainment. The initial response from industry peers has been unanimous praise for her new album.

Robinson’s craft has been hired for upcoming projects by globally renowned deejay/producer/remixer David Morales and American singer Deborah Cox. She is also releasing a new dance single “Song Saved My Life,” produced by DJ John Dahlback, internationally through Big Beat/Atlantic Records. Robinson is also featured on Morales’ new single “What Do You Believe” from his upcoming album The Resurrection.

Currently, Robinson is signed to Kobalt Music Publishing to administer her songs where Senior Vice President Al Butter Mclean drove to Robinson’s home during an east coast snowstorm at 11:30 pm to present Kobalt Music to her in early 2011. “That meant a lot to me,” beamed Robinson who is recording her brand new album The Preacher’s Daughter, an inspirational concept album summarizing her life’s journey.

Janice is now under the guidance of her new manager the legendary A&R Hosh Gureli who has been instrumental in staging her comeback to dance music as an artist. Gureli’s A&R direction at Arista Records garnered global success for the world’s top-selling albums including Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard, Ace of Base’s The Sign, and Toni Braxton’s Secrets, and was the Program Director (at KMEL San Francisco) who exclusively broke the first hit radio records for Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Janice is now collaborating with top European deejays/producers John Dahlback, Rune Rk, and Wolfgang Gartner.

Throughout her 20-plus years in the music industry, Robinson’s career has come full circle as a top-charting singer and songwriter.

Robinson is a devoted mother who cherishes her family. Robinson is an internationally known music artist who is influential in today’s Euro-dance sound. Robinson is a “Dreamer” who realized a fantastic journey as a musician in an industry where many peers do not endure similar longevity in the music business.

SOLO DISCOGRAPHY The Color Within Me (album: Warner Bros.)

“Nothing I Would Change”; “Finally Taking Over”; “Dead End Girl”; “Afterlife”; “Search for Love”; “1664 Park Ave”; “Sleeping in the Playground”; “Color Within Me”; “Gracefully Gliding”; “It Really Don’t Matter”


“ Dreamer” (Undiscovered/MCA)“Nothing I Would Change” (Warner Bros.)”The Gift” (Promo); “Dreamer: Remixed” (Promo); “Earthbeat” (Mercury/Manifesto); “I’m Free” (Dream Beat); “Children” (Planet4)


Abigail – “Let The Joy Rise” (Inherit)
Ashley Tisdale – “Suddenly” (Warner)
Brahim – “So Into You” (SonyBMG)
Brenda Radney – Forthcoming Album (Ten Man)
David Morales (featuring Janice Robinson) – “I Make You Gaga” (ULTRA); “What Do You Believe” (ULTRA)
Hania Stach – “Regroup” (EMI)
Kristine W – “Let Love Reign” (RCA)
Leana – ”Pack Yo Bags”
Livin’ Joy – “Dreamer” (MCA/Universal)
Lucas Prata – “Feel The Love Again” (Ultra)
Lucas Prata & Reina – “Love Of My Life” (Ultra)
Natalia – “Risin'” (Sony/BMG)
Reina – “If I Close My Eyes” (Robbins); “On My Own” (Robbins)
Rickie-Lee Coulter – “I Appreciate U” (Shock Records); “Melody of Life” (Shock Records)
Sandrine – “The Story Of Us” (Sony/BMG)
Taylor Dayne – “Crash” (Intention); “Whenever You Fall” (Neptune)
Tevin Campbell – “Never Again” (Warner) – co-written with Wyclef Jean
Laura Hildebrandt “My Life Again” (Red Wallet Records)
Udo – “One Of A Kind”(SONY BMG)
V-Factory – “These Are The Days” , “Pump It (Bring The Heat)”;
Joe T. Vanelli (featuring Harembee) – “Sweetest Day Of May” (Positiva)
Martina Schinderlova (winner of Czech Republic Idol) – “Stupam” (Ario)


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