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Brenda K Starr

Brenda is a 2X’s platinum for “I Still Believe” and “What you see is what you get” as well as a 2 X Latin Grammy Award winner Brenda K Starr has been internationally recognized as a leader in the Latin music explosion for many years. Also known as “The Diva of Salsa”, the sultry singer and interpreter returns after a three years hiatus with her new production “Atrevete a Olvidarme”, which fittingly translates to “I Dare you to forget me”.

Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican extraction, Brenda knew from a very young age that her passion and dream was to be a singer. At the early age of 8, she was already singing and by the time she reached 12 she had already auditioned for many TVcommercials as well as theater opportunities. As the break-dance fever emerged out of New York’s projects Brenda joined the Dynamic Dolls. My dream was to sing, and since I couldn’t do it in a studio, I used to do it in the stairs of the building where I lived, just to hear the acoustics”. Although she loved dancing, by that time her heart was set on singing. At 14, Brenda met Harry Belafonte on an audition for the musical, “Beat Street”. The actor was soon captivated by her voice and Brenda landed a production deal and two songs on the film’s soundtrack, a truly impressive start. In the midst of negotiating her first deal, she was intercepted by producer Arthur Baker who offered a recording deal on the Mirage record label, at the time distributed by Atlantic Records.

In the late 80’s Brenda was the undisputed queen of freestyle and house music. Her hits included the Grammy-nominated # 1 pop ballad “I Still Believe” and the club/dance smash “What You See is What You Get”. The first, which was re-recorded and turned, once more, into a mega hit by one of Brenda’s back up singers at the time, the international Superstar Mariah Carey.

At the same time that Carey was working as Brenda’s back up vocalist, Starr was developing a name for herself in both the “Pop” and “Salsa” music scenes”.

Soon after that Brenda’s Spanish influence began to emerge. Her first Spanish album release “Te Sigo Esperando”, was certificated Gold by the RIAA. It was followed by three Spanish language albums, “No Lo Voy A Olvidar”, “Petalos de Fuego” and the critically acclaimed “Temptation”, which in 2002 garnered two Latin Billboard Awards for Hot Latin Track of the Year-Vocal Duo and Tropical /Salsa Airplay track of the Year-Female. At the same time that Carey was working as Brenda’s back up vocalist, Starr was developing a name for herself in both the “Pop” and “Salsa” music scenes”.

The singer continued her career moving into her native Salsa roots. Soon she was a star on the Sony label, with a major hit in which she sang with internationally acclaimed crooners like Victor Manuelle and Tito Nieves.
After leaving the Sony Record label three years ago, Brenda began a process of introspection and began re-evaluating her family life, her career, and goals, as well as her passions and planning her next journey. She spent much of the time with her children and the experience stressed to her the importance of family life and its influence on her career and her personal choices.

During her hiatus she began a new musical venture, “Under the Stars with Brenda K Starr”, her own radio show, which airs every Sunday night on Mix 102.7, presenting a new side to the abilities of her multifaceted personality.

As Starr was looking to come out big into the market, she surrounded herself with family and close friends. Amongst them came lifelong friend John Holohan, a former CIO with Toys R Us. The mix of the veteran singer and the business savvy of Holohan gave birth to new musical production, Atrevete A Olvidarme.

Once again, Starr’s voice is sure to be heard in more ways than just one on this album, her first release on Holohan’s new label Mi Voz Records. Three of her songs are interpreted in both Salsa and Ballad arrangements, permitting the diva to fully explore the range of her powerful delivery. For this production, Brenda K. Starr worked closely with the three producers, Isidro Infante, Ray Contreras, and Ricky Gonzalez, who joined in selecting the song mix to match her unique delivery and style. The collection of 10 new songs that appear in the album is a fusion of Salsa, Pop, with a touch of Reggaeton.

Brenda’s vocal range and interpretation skills will reach new levels, as can be witnessed on the first Salsa single cut, the very hot Tu Eres. “Latin music is definitely here to stay. I’m an American Latino woman, and this project gives me the opportunity to use my voice and power in different ways. I’m ready to get back on the road and reacquaint myself with my dedicated group of fans”, says Brenda K. Starr. The record is distributed by Fontana through Universal.

Without a doubt, “the Diva of Salsa” is back, with “Atrevete an Olvidarme”, the latest release by Brenda K. Starr. But since that last project, Brenda K Starr Suffered from a bad accident and was unable to promote that ALBUM and in turn had to seek medical attention to better her health. Brenda K Starr never gave up hope and finally was able to return two years later with a single from her upcoming album due to be released in the end of the summer titled “El Pez Muere Por La Boca” .The new single “ElPez Muere Por La Boca” is getting great reviews from radio and record pools and she is focused on making a comeback better than ever. This record is on Brenda’s label MiVoz.

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