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For Victoria Sharpe, aka Celeda, singing has been a part of life since age seven. “My mother made me join the junior choir at the church we attended. Within two weeks, the Minister noticed my talent and placed me with the senior adult choir.” This is where Celeda began to develop her own unique and very soulful voice and to make a name for herself.

As she and her voice matured, Celeda began performing with various choirs throughout Chicago (as if one could not tell that voice was born and raised in Chi-Town). After touring with the world-famous Cosmopolitan Choir, Celeda grew tired of the limitations that come with being part of a group. She was now ready to venture out on her own.
Celeda entered local talent contests and began performing at area shows in an effort to attract attention for herself as an artist. The first to notice her vocal ability was Chicago house producer, Robert Coddington. Together they became known as Celeda and The Heavy Hitters and delivered to clubland the memorable “Messin’ With My Mind,” “Get It Together” and “I Feel It” singles on TWISTED.

From that, Celeda secured her own exclusive deal with TWISTED, in addition to guesting on new releases from label-mates Underground Sound of Lisbon (“Are You Looking For Me?”) and Danny Tenaglia (“Music Is The Answer”) from his new album Tourism.

Celeda promises to be the latest “grand diva” of dance music. Her powerful, semi-autobiographical debut “This Is It” sparkles with anthems filled with themes of self-love, affirmation, and empowerment for the post-disco generation. Fueled by her ferocious, gospel-drenched vocals (comparisons to disco “legends” Sylvester and Loleatta Halloway are inevitable) and memorable songs, the talented singer/songwriter delivers a heartfelt album depicting her life struggles and achievements with an inspiring confidence. Collaborating with a line-up of innovative dance producers (Danny Tenaglia, Cevin Fisher, Peter Rauhofer / Club 69, etc.), “This Is It” features the international club hits “Music Is The Answer” and “Be Yourself,” as well as, the underground favorite “Messin’ With My Mind.” However, that’s not the main focus. Celeda’s main agenda is to spread a universal message of love and acceptance regardless of race, color, gender or sexual preference through the healing power of music. It’s an amazingly bold statement but that’s what makes her so fascinating and intriguing.

Her latest collaboration with Peter Rauhofer, “The Underground” is already a number one hit on Billboard’s Club Play chart and will cement Celeda as the Diva that she is. Celeda and Star 69 records released a final single titled “Free Your Mind” which was written and recorded one month before September 11, 2001. the song was released in June 2002 and became very prophetic to Celeda as the message is about being receptive to people and their different cultures. It reminded people to not give up on our dreams. Free Your Mind charted at #2 on Billboard.

In 2004-2005 comes the collaboration of Celeda and the New Twisted records, with the track “Dirty Filthy” produced by Super Chumbo aka Tom Stephan. This took Celeda back to where she came from and that’s the club music she loves to write and perform. Dirty Filthy is all about that funky low-down beat and the sound of dance music. The message is fun and upbeat. With Super Chumbo producing Celeda, she didn’t lose with this one reaching once again the # 1 Billboard spot.

With Celeda using 2006 – 2007 to record her new album currently being shopped. Celeda has recently released her new single on Nervous titled “Amazing” with the enormous response this single is getting we’re looking at another # 1 Billboard Hit for Celeda Look for some of the singles to pop shortly as Celeda states….Children Have a Good Time ………….

2008 found Celeda getting together with DJ Tracy Young who started her own record label Ferosh Records. Celeda recorded “Good Time” which was released on Ferosh Records. 2009 put Celeda back into the studio so she is poised and ready for 2010 with several singles to be released worldwide.

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