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Colton Ford

Sultry, Seductive, hip swinging… all words that have been used to describe sexy adult film star, Colton Ford. However, this time, the reference is not toward the man but to his music. Colton’s recent dance single, “Everything”, was released in Early April 2003 on the Nervous Records Label, and the promoters have been booking him non-stop since. This is because he really can sing, and most gay men know of his work… so to speak because he is one hot MAN!!

In mid-February 2004 Colton’s new CD single called “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” (an amazing duet with the Diva Ms. Pepper Mashay) along with a hot video, (which should be released in late Feb.. 2004). This cover song (that Stevie Wonder wrote) has turned out AMAZING since Pepper and Colton’s voices blended so well together, so look out!!!!!!! It features really HOT remixes by Ralphie Rosario and Mac Quayle and just debuted at #5 on the Billboard “Breakout” Dance charts the first week. It looks like Colton (and Pepper) are headed towards the top of the charts because the BUZZ on this song is thru the roof!!!!!

Fans of Colton Ford may be surprised to learn of his gift of song. In the mid-nineties, he had a major record label deal and sang with several R & B recording stars including Chaka Khan. He performed throughout the United States and in Mexico and China with the likes of Keith Sweat, Salt ‘n Pepa, and Vanessa Williams. Under the alias “Glenn Street”, he even released a hit dance single, “Hardline”, distributed by On The Spot Records. “Hardline” was selected as a Hot Pick by Billboard and later appeared on Billboard’s Top 100 Dance Chart.

Unfortunately, initial success was followed by many bumps in the road. His second single did not fare as well and Colton’s relationship with On The Spot Records came to an abrupt end. Soon after, however, while at a dance club in West Hollywood, he met a man by the name of Michael O’Hara. “I was just singing along with what was playing in the club and got a tap on my shoulder,” remembers Colton. “The man said ‘you really can sing!’ He introduced himself as a songwriter and told me he would like to speak with me about his production company.” Skeptical, Colton gave the man his number. Little did he know that this stranger had written, among other songs, “I Love You Just because” for Anita Baker. In addition, his production company, Mide Productions, was a partnership with celebrated songwriter Denise Rich. Colton signed to Mide Productions and was soon working on a project with famed producer, Frankie Knuckles.

“Frankie was looking for a male singer for his second album. I recorded two tracks and both sounded extremely promising.” Frankie loved it, the label loved it, Colton quit his corporate day job; the label found out Colton was white and immediately kyboshed the project. The label was opposed to the idea of a white male singer being the front guy for Frankie Knuckles. They demanded a new vocalist and despite Frankie’s protest, Colton was swiftly replaced. Shortly thereafter, his deal with Mide Productions also fell threw. Colton found himself back at his day job.

Colton continued writing and recording songs on his own and was offered another major record label deal that proved short-lived. Due to internal upheaval and shuffling with the company, Colton once again found himself empty-handed. Ironically, a random modeling gig led to his next opportunity – a meeting with Director John Schlesinger who had just begun filming Rupert.

Everett’s The Next Best Thing. “John liked one of my ballads and wanted to use it in the film,” explains Colton. But again, disappointment wasn’t far behind. At the last minute, the song was pulled from the soundtrack. Colton, however, did gain something positive from the experience. “Madonna listened to my music and loved my voice. She saw me as a solo Backstreet Boy and encouraged me to go more pop.” Colton accepted the advice and took it a step further.

In August 2002, Colton began filming “Pop”, a documentary that features Colton as he refocuses his pursuit towards pop/dance stardom with the release of his new dance single, “Everything”. The film aims to explore the inner workings of the music industry and provide a true-life glimpse at the club music subculture through interviews with major players including producers, songwriters, agents, managers, and deejays. “Pop” will be finished in 2003, in time for all international Film Festivals.

In March, Colton made the trek back to New York to write and record “Get To You” a new track with Guido (Razor & Guido), and 2 new songs with Hani (“Stay” & “Thru With You”) that should be “circuit” smash. He is also remaking the song (as a duet with Pepper MaShay) “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” with Solar City (Scott Anderson), which has been made into a slower, funky, and sexy tune with slammin’ vocals by Pepper and Colton.

As you can see, Colton is not putting everything into his first dance song. Needless to say, he always does things BIG and has been blessed to be more “endowed” than your average person!!!

Meanwhile, “Everything”, with its pulsing beat and melodic groove, has been heating up dance floors since Early March. In it, Colton explains the difference between sex, love, and good and bad. As the song suggests, one listens, and “you’ll come begging for more…”

Look for the video in October 2003 for Colton’s steamy new duet “Signed Sealed and Delivered” (with Pepper MaShay) to be directed by Colton’s ex-boss, Chi Chi LaRue. This cover song (that Stevie Wonder originally recorded) turned out AMAZING since Pepper and Colton’s voices blended so well together, so look out!!!

Also, Colton’s slammin’ new track called “Get To You” has finally been completed and is awaiting release. This hot new song is a combination on the Gap Band meets Justin Timberlake… and is HOT!!!

With a hot body, a sexy voice, and slammin’ songs, Colton is just getting warmed up!!!

Colton often chooses to perform in leather chaps and a codpiece, and needless to say leaves the boys, not to mention the girls wanting much more!!!

Colton lives in Los Angeles, California.

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