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Eddie Baez

Eddie Baez

DJ Eddie Baez’s name is widely known throughout the dance music community. His impact upon dance floors worldwide is undisputed by industry people and dance music fans alike. Because of his genuine soul, vigorous persistence, and deep passion for music, Eddie Baez has blossomed into “superstar” status within the industry. Eddie has had much success with his innovative, tribal-inflected remixes of songs, representing some of the industry’s most successful artists. Jessica Simpson, Destiny’s Child, Kristine W, Whitney Houston, Mis-teeq, Toni Braxton, and Cher, are just a sampling of the artists that have requested remixes by this talented producer. Eddies recent version of Crazy, by Warner Brothers artist, Seal, hit the top of the Billboard Dance charts in its first weeks out and continues to chart today. Eddie also has worked with edgy rock groups such as The Raveonettes on Sony Records, remixing their hit single Love in a trash can, continuing to prove his ability to work with a great variety of music and turn out hits. However, throughout his career, DJ Eddie Baez has also had tremendous success with his own original productions. His 2001 single  “Without You” was a ..1 Billboard Radio & Club smash. Eddie also charted ..2 on Billboard with his remix of Angles How Can I Lie (02/05 Billboard/Club Play)

Eddie Baez’s big break occurred after submitting a mixed tape and being chosen (out of 2000 candidates) to be the resident DJ at the grand reopening of legendary New York City nightclub The Sound Factory. The crowd response was so overwhelmingly positive that he was asked to come back as the resident DJ, building a name and following for himself practically overnight. Eddie then parlayed this success by landing another residency at the popular NYC nightclub, Tunnel. Eddie continued to rise in his career, and top the dance scene, once again, with his new original track, “Useless Man” which was the first release on his own record label, Anthem Recordings. With collaboration from vocalist Aimee Jean (of dance hit Do it Properly), Eddie Baez made Useless Man just another hit on his already impressive track record within the community. Useless Man also appeared on fellow DJ, Peter Rauhofers, new CD Divas to the Dance Floor, which garnered much success. Eddie Baez Vol 1 and Eddie Baez Vol 2, both on Logic/BMG records, were the first major, nationally released, mixed CD compilations that Eddie completed. Now the long-awaited new compilation(s) keep coming and are filled with fierce vocal anthems, hypnotic house tracks and thunderous tribal beats. The flawlessly beat-mixed compilation is definitely not your run-of-the-mill dance mix. Recorded live in New York City, it is pure Eddie Baez. Adam Sandler and Eddie Baez also released an original production entitled Gay Robot Groove on Warner Bros. Records. Eddies most recent remixes included Seal Crazy & Crime Mob Stilettos both on Warner Bros. Records, and Vivian Green, Tired, on Sony Music. In addition, Eddie is continuing to work with other industry powerhouses, such as Pepper Mashay, in creating further original collaborations. Eddie Baez is one to continue to watch and watch we will.

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