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Matt Consola

Matt Consola

As someone who was lucky enough to join the music scene so many years ago at sixteen, Matt Consola can honestly say that the industry has seen better days. With the advent of the Internet, the poor sound quality of MP3s, and a war-torn economy, the industry is on fairly rocky shores. But all that really means is that there is an opportunity for DJs, musicians, and producers to create a new scene – one that speaks to not only a new generation but a new musical vision.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve had an exciting career primarily as a “Circuit DJ” as well as a record label owner and producer. And while the term “circuit” may not be a favorable one these days, I would not trade those events or experiences with anyone. I look back at my days as a resident DJ at Metropolis (SF), Crobar (Miami & Chicago), and Pure/Amsterdam (Denver), and I’m still amazed by the crowds, the events, and most of all, the music. Not to mention I loved traveling. In just a few short years, this kid who had never left the country, suddenly found himself playing to thousands in England, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, and Canada. Not to mention headlining some of the biggest International Street Events, Raves, and Circuit parties including our own San Francisco & Los Angeles Pride Fairs as well as The Folsom Street Fair, Up Your Alley and the Palm Springs White Party, and the Black Party just to name a few. And along the way, I made some great friendships – one of whom I went into business with and formed our label, Redzone Records, the other I signed to the label–and both have become like family.

Nowadays, while I never turn down a great gig, like the fantastic March 2010 gig at the Los Angeles House of Blues, I spend the majority of my DJ time traveling for Bearracuda, America’s largest traveling Bear Club. Originally started in San Francisco, Bearracuda just recently added its 12th city in 5 counties (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands). I’m headed to Melbourne in April of 2011. In addition, my 200+ syndicated radio mix-show on the Sobel Nation Radio network, called Swishcraft: Magically Gay Dance Music Saturdays @ 10 pm (EST), The show will be spun off as a new record label called Swishcraft Music. Launching in April 2011, Swishcraft will feature newly produced singles featuring myself featuring some amazing divas, and we plan to bring the fun, happy vocals and energy back to dance music. So watch for SwishcraftMusic.com to launch soon.

In 2009, I had the honor of opening for The Pet Shop Boys at the historic Warfield Theater for their sold-out Pandemonium World Tour on September 22nd & 23rd 2009. What an amazing two nights. And what an honor to have been asked. I recorded the sets and put one up on my podcast for free download. And locally, whether it’s playing every Friday to that “new generation” at Boy Bar in the Castro, or playing my regular big room clubs events like Sanctuary, Adonis, and Bearracuda, one thing remains constant – I love music and I love playing it for you. So come out, say hello, or check out my sets via my podcast, Adapter.RESIDENCIES (Past & Current*)

Sanctuary* / Adonis* :: San Francisco
Boy Bar* / Frathouse:: San Francisco
Universe / Pleasuredome:: San Francisco
Bearracuda* / Kub Kamp* :: Los Angeles, CA
Sweat / Lazy Bear / River Business:: San Francisco
Metropolis / Adonis / 440 Castro :: San Francisco
Bearracuda* /Scorpio Uprising:: Vancouver, BC
Crobar’s Anthem Sundays:: Miami / Chicago
Bearracuda* :: Portland, OR / Seattle, WA
Bearracuda* :: Austin, TX / Atlanta, GA
Bearracuda*:: New York / Phoenix, AZ
Fusion & X-MEN:: San Francisco
Pure & Amsterdam:: Denver, CO
Ground Zero:: Atlanta, GA
Fresh:: Honolulu, HI


The Pet Shop Boys Opening DJ:: The Warfield, SF
San Francisco City Hall :: San Francisco, USA
The House of Blues:: Los Angeles, USA
The Vouge Theater :: Vancouver,B.C
White Party:: Palm Springs, USA
Metropolis :: Mikinos, Greece
Winter Party:: Miami, USA
The Pod:: Dublin, Ireland
Heaven:: London, UK
B.E.D:: Miami, USA

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