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Mike Cruz

Mike Cruz

These ARE extraordinarily challenging times. But the one aspect of society that has always flourished during uncertain times is entertainment and the creative arts. And what people are saying they need now, more than ever before, is Mike Cruz, the indomitable jock who has used his incomparable skills in the studio and at the decks to stake a solid claim in an ever-shifting industry.

For what’s left of the biggest international parties, promoters should have Cruz’s number on speed dial — vocalists already do…as witnessed by the industry’s top singers elbowing to the front of the line for a little bit of time in Cruz’s studio. But the real testament to his fame is the respect and support he commands from his fans. They thirst for his intoxicating blend of underground, steamy tribal-infused grooves, and rip-roaring vocal anthems, but they also know to expect the unexpected — that’s the hallmark of a Cruz set: he blends the attitude of the crowd, the trends of the industry, and keen intuition to concoct a listening experience that is matched only by his next performance.

“My sets are never one-dimensional. When I’m at the decks, I’m not focused on three hours of vocals or three hours of the circuit sound. Sure, you’ll get a sprinkle of both, but you also get dashes of tribal, electro, progressive house — a little of everything,” says Cruz. “What sets me apart is that I quickly match my mood with the mood of the audience, establish that connection, and move from first base to a home run early in the night. From there, we’re in a long-term relationship.”

Cruz has been cultivating that love affair for nearly 20 years as a New York-based DJ/producer who has often shunned the jock-as-media hound publicity limelight so that he can stay focused on the task at hand. The strategy has worked.

Under the tutelage of George Dellinger, Cruz is now a household name in just about every major city in North America. He currently does rotations at Roxy in Boston, Hydrate in Chicago, Tracks in Denver, The End Up in San Francisco, DC’s Town, Montreal’s Parking, and Miami’s Score.

When he’s not wracking up frequent flyer miles on the Continent, he’s jetting off to some of the hottest party locales in the world. In the past couple of years, Cruz has brought his unique and infectious sound to parties in Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Rio & Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Sydney, and Mexico City.

In a year, Cruz does more travel than even the most cosmopolitan people do in a lifetime. So, it’s a wonder that he has time for anything else, much less for launching a new record label, chart umpteen Number One Billboard hits, producing original music for a series of compilation discs, and spending time in the studio turning diva voice tracks into mind-numbing dance tracks. Lucky for us, he finds the time.

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