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Sarina Paris

Sarina Paris

Sarina Paris, a Canadian vocalist, signed to an Italian record label, with a bonafide hit single in America released by a seminal rap music label. As so often happens in the world, truth is stranger than fiction. And with the release of her enchanting self-titled debut album on Playland/Priority Records, Sarina Paris is well on her way to establishing herself as the next big pop music diva.

Sarina’s sound is as fresh as her personality, with an unusual mix of innocence and worldliness. Sarina describes her childhood as very protected by her Italian-born parents. Sarina explains, “My father wanted me to be a person who understood values and to make something of myself, someone not only he could be proud of, but more importantly, that I could be proud of.” The family was of modest means and really didn’t have the money to spend on records. Sarina remembers, “The only albums we had at home were Italian recordings that my father bought off the 99-cent rack.”

Barely into her teens, the young singer will never forget the day her father surprised her with a gift. He brought her home her very first album, Lionel Richie’s “Can’t Slow Down.” “I instantly fell in love with that album and basically wore the record out,” laughs Sarina. Then Whitney Houston hit the scene and Sarina had her first idol and role model. “I just loved the blend of ballads and upbeat dance songs and really admired Whitney’s vocal abilities. I loved when she hit those high notes.” Sarina had a beautiful voice of her own, and she knew exactly from that point on what she was destined to do.

In 1996, Sarina went to Italy to teach a group of children how to sing in English. Entitled The Gam Gam Project, the group’s producer soon invited Sarina to participate on the album. She was frequently touring the Italian countryside, and it was there that she started honing her skills as a live performer. She soon caught the attention of an A&R representative from EMI Italy, who instantly fell in love with her voice, sound, and style. Before she knew it, a session was set up and she recorded the single “Look At Us.” It didn’t take long for the track to become a major dance club hit throughout her adopted land.

When a Priority records executive heard the track, he knew it was an instant hit. Radio stations across the United States agreed and Sarina embarked on a whirlwind tour of the U.S.

When she arrived, the previously unknown singer discovered she already had a legion of fans, hungry to see her perform. “I was unaware of just how many people loved the song,” Sarina says. “I was so excited, nervous, and happy – so many emotions at the same time. The song has a remarkable effect on the audience everywhere I go.”

With the success of “Look At Us” buoying her spirits, Sarina finished up her debut album, co-writing nine of the album’s thirteen tracks, including the first single. The resulting album is an infectious collection of upbeat dance tracks peppered with some killer ballads, including a captivating rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s classic “True Colors.” “I didn’t want to make a political album,” explains Sarina. “The album is about having fun, nothing too intellectual, just music to make you happy and feel good.”

The bouncy “Just About Enough” will be released as the second single from Sarina Paris. Other notable tracks are the catchy “All In The Way,” the light-hearted “Dreamin’ Of You” and “I Love You,” a six-and-a-half-minute hypnotizing dance track.

“I think we’ve made an album that a lot of people will be able to relate to,” says Sarina. And if the amount of fan mail already pouring into Sarina is any indication, this talented vocalist has already reached the hearts of young music fans everywhere.

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