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It’s that voice. Strong and soulful. Emotional. Unique. Completely Shannon. Her greatest songs, “Let The Music Play”, “Give Me Tonight”, and “Do You Wanna Get Away” are haunting, enduring, and made unforgettable by…that voice. There is something special there.

The long awaited, imminent return of Shannon has arrived! This multi-award winning Diva who sold more than 8 million copies of her very first album has been a staple recurrent artist on radio stations of all formats. “Let The Music Play” the dance anthem of the 90’s dominated the crossover/dance scene and gave birth to a new phrase in the music business jargon: the “Shannon has received the very prestigious New York Music Award for best dance artist as well as the Hall of Fame Award for the album and single “Let The Music Play”.
Happily embarking on this newest phase of her career. Shannon set out to create a statement with this project, combining the best of the old and new Shannon! Working with contemporary producers as John Poppo (N’Sync, Backstreet Boys), Tony Moran (Gloria Estefan, Cover Girls, Mandy Moore) and Todd Terry (Cher, Moloko, Sk8), Shannon has crafted a new sound to stand beside the Classic Chris Barbosa standards “Let The Music Play” and “Give Me Tonight” which as been given a massive workover for Y2K by Hex Hector.

“The Best is Yet To Come” is about the completion of a musical journey, a union of old and new and the promise of a new look back to the future!

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