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Connie Casserole

Connie Casserole

Years ago you would see Dj Conny C, aka Connie Casserole, at the front door at mainstream nightclubs in trendy South Miami Beach, Florida; hosting an array of feature events and parties for the who’s who of the trendy gay South Beach night scene. Now you see the world-class DJ Conny C aka Connie Casserole spinning house, eccentric, and tribal grooves bringing people on a spiritual journey.

DJ Conny C began his journey when he moved from New York City to the Miami Beach area. He began 15 years ago as the local Door diva at some of South Beach’s trendy gay nightclubs. Conny’s career as a world-class DJ was born 10 years ago, beginning first at Miami Beach’s TWIST nightclub.
DJ Conny C’s eccentric spinning of house, tribal Progressive Underground music has spanned his career to clubs in Israel, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Venezuela, and Brazil; and in the US, to clubs in New York, Chicago, Houston, and many more. Conny broadened his musical horizons with the release of his first CD, TWIST, in 2001, named for the club where his DJ career began. This was followed by the release of his second CD, Jungle Jezebel, in 2002, both released on Harlequin recordings.

Conny was also very much at home in the recording studio where he produced remixes for various artists. His musical and spiritual journey has led DJ Conny C to return to his roots, which brought him back home to New York City. Conny can be seen spinning his grooves in Panama City, Panama; Germany, Atlanta, Miami, and New Orleans just to name a few.

Conny remains at home in the recording studio and has released Three remixes- Chazant out on loopfreaks records, Stop Hating for SinSation Sound and What ya get feat T. Mashay for SinSation Sounds “Let me take you to a place. In that place, you will be lifted. That place is your and my spiritual journey.”

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