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D.J. RAZOR From his roots as a DJ, Razor’s unmatched creativity and ambition have won him regular gigs on Hot 97 and Party 105, and touring dates from LA to Tokyo. Razor can also be heard on usadanceradio.com, a web-based international radio show.

Razor has undeniable success working with his partner and friend of many years Guido. The impact of the remix team of Razor & Guido left an undeniable mark on dance floors not seen since Robert Cliviles & David Cole brought the sound of underground house music to the masses almost a decade earlier. The success of their first mix, done on spec for Arista’s Hosh Guerelli, brought Razor and Guido to the attention of trailblazers like Johnny Vicious and Junior Vasquez, and instantly the music pumping from the speakers of New YorkCity’s dance floor surrendered to their sound.

Within months, the team was remixing for the likes of Aretha Franklin and George Michael. Razor and Guido built a solid foundation with remixes for Whitney Houston, Biggie Smalls, and Kim English’s “Unspeakable Joy”, not to mention their unforgettable hard house power-hitter “Do It Again”. His credits also include Japanese remixes done for the label AV Experience, which dominates the dance floors of Japan If there is a major venue in a major city anywhere in the country, you can bet that Razor has turned heads and captivated the crowd. His unique style of mixing and diverse, the solid set is one that must be heard to be believed.

These combined elements together have brought him all the way from NY to Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, and even Japan. Now working with Richard Scotti, the duo, “RATED R” is turning heads. You can check out the latest on what the two masterminds are creating at RATEDRNYC.com. In addition to his work with Richard Scotti, The star team Razor and Guido are back & working to release an incredible album coming summer of 2009.

You can catch Razor as resident D.J. at Long Island’s Mirage Nightclub and The Savannah Lounge. He also won the Long Island’s Best award for local club D.J 2008 along with fellow peer Vic Latino.

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