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DJ Pat Allen

DJ Pat Allen

DJ Pat Allen has been on the forefront of the SF music culture since the early 90s. Patrick Allen, born and raised in the Bay Area, began his career in music in the summer of 1989 when he taught himself how to mix. Counting the beats to the music came naturally to him. His father gave him his first system at the age of 14 and he has been setting trends in the industry ever since.

Throughout his high school years, Pat would play at school dances, and house parties and was a mobile DJ for numerous events. In 1993, he was introduced to the rave scene and experienced ‘house’ music for the first time. He appreciated the way the DJ influenced the emotions of the crowd and the vibe was so different from the known hip hop scene. Intrigued by the house culture and determined to learn the style, Pat began experimenting with hip hop beats mixed at faster paces. This marked the start of the Inspirational Muzik label for Pat and best-friend, Jeff Salinas.

Pat was married in November of 2008. With his wife as an unwavering factor in his life, Pat has continued to soar as an artist. Just a year earlier, Pat’s long-time idol and inspiration, Robin S., came to perform in San Francisco with Pat and surprised him with a performance at his wedding. Pat continues to play at a diverse array of venues across the Bay and has been the resident DJ for the majority of the larger clubs in Northern California. He was invited to play at the Winter Music Conference in Miami two years in a row. Inspirational Muzik threw their first rave in 1995 and Pat had his first club appearance at Brentwood’s VFW Hall with Larry Live. In 1996, he played at Club Giovanni’s with KMEL, allowing a larger crowd to hear his style. This larger listenership and fan base was a huge turning point in his career. In 2002, he was picked up by promoters Trevor and Brendan of Mixed Elements. That same year, Pat’s first mix CD was released, “2 Steppin’ 2 Love”. Over his career, he has released an estimated of 50 mix CDs.

In 2006, his life changed musically and spiritually following a set at the DNA Lounge in SF with Michelle Weeks and Ron Carroll. Michelle performed her song “The Light”. As a result, Pat’s style of house music evolved into gospel and vocal house, giving him the name “God’s DJ”. His music allowed him the chance to express his spirituality, as well as spread the word and positive message around the globe.

In September 2008 he launched The Light Radio Mix Show with Michelle Weeks’s song “The Light” as the theme song. The show is on every Monday, providing Pat’s outlet for house music and positive messages through his music on www.insoulwetrust.com. In 2011 The Light was picked up by My95.9 in Hawaii. One of the main radio stations on the big island.

Since 2009, he has been back in his studio producing his own music and remixing some amazing songs. He finished his first album “Believe In Me” in March 2010 and is working on his second album. He is currently working with long-time idol Robin S on her song “At My Best”. House music has inspired Pat for over 20 years and will reside in his soul for eternity.

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