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DJ Nineteen69

DJ Nineteen69

“Music + Dance + Love = LIFE” sums up the perfect equation for DJ NINETEEN69. Driven by a lifelong passion for music – and fueled by an energetic and highly infectious musical style – this Miami-based DJ/songwriter/remixer / Producer, has established himself as a rapidly growing force in the highly competitive national & international, club, and party scene. Do The Math

Anyone who’s experienced the intensity of a peak moment on a packed dance floor knows the power it generates. But it takes a rare combination of skill and talent to harness that energy and put it to work. NINETEEN69 not only embraces this musical intensity, but he also hurls it right back at the crowd. “I have found some DJs only play for themselves and not for the crowd,” he says. “That was one of many things that inspired me to play. I love injecting energy into the dance floor and receiving it back with great response.”

Originally from Los Angeles, it was evident at his earliest gigs at friends’ house parties that NINETEEN69 had more than just an ear for music; he had a feel for it. The positive reaction he received from crowds early on was all it took for him to recognize his calling. Word spread quickly and soon NINETEEN69 began appearing at clubs and events all over southern California and beyond. Soon thereafter, NINETEEN69 heard yet another call. The thriving tribal sound so prevalent in Miami’s South Beach beckoned him. In late 2003, he relocated to South Florida where he became so firmly entrenched in the area’s sophisticated club scene that his skills not only as a DJ but also as a remixer and producer grew in fast demand to become his full-time career.

A Designer for the Dance floor
It only takes a moment out on the dance floor to realize that NINETEEN69 doesn’t just mix together songs, he literally re-designs them — to perfectly match the mood and feel of the moment. Drawing from an arsenal of original compositions and grooves he produces at his home recording studio in Miami FL., he’s been known to intertwine the latest hits with tailor-made beats and melodies. “I really am about turning it out. I believe in the journey,” he admits. This theory has proven to be right on the money, with more and more fans nationwide jumping on the bandwagon with every appearance. 2013 has brought one of NINETEEN69’s most diverse schedules to date.
“It’s busy and crazed, but I love it! The EDM scene is better than ever !”
The growing demand for NINETEEN69’s talents now has him booked for multiple appearances at many nightclubs and venues throughout the world.

The Right Equation
In addition to performing live, NINETEEN69’s passion for music continuously drives him towards broader horizons. Between gigs, he continues to create more original music in his role of Producer/remixer, with more than 30 original compositions, and 80 remixes to date. NINETEEN69’s signature sound has caught the ear of the electronic dance music industry. He’s completed remix projects for such chart-topping artists as Lady GaGa, Christina Aguilera, Inaya Day, Celeda, Amuka, Abigail, Macaviti, Erin Hamilton, Gioia Bruno, Rachael Panay, Fayden, Yvonne, Kareema Castro, RAW, Michael Fairman, David Gordon, Sean Ensign, & Jackee Dee, Angelica De No and the legendary Pepper MaShay for her featured song in the movie “Beauty Shop” with Queen Latifah.
His first Original album, “Itz So U” brought him global recognition and success and many of the tracks were played by DJs throughout the world, including radio air time in Israel. He is currently working on finishing his next studio album, ” Now Is My Time “, with some well-known artists, in addition, to his own original written songs and lyrics for the 1st time by himself. To sum it all up, whether he’s spinning live at a club, or mixing it up in the studio, NINETEEN69’s winning combination of talent, style, and creativity has proven to be just the right equation for success.

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