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Hearing superstar DJ and producer Eddie X can be a mind-bending experience — his repertoire is so layered, his experience so vast, and, at the core, his sets are so full of energy and passion and always cutting edge. Whether he’s producing as half of the production team L.E.X. (Luigi Gonzalez is his co-conspirator) or spinning a high-profile gig, Eddie X always delivers. His remix of the legendary “Copacabana” was hand selected by Barry Manilow for the crooner’s Las Vegas show.

There’s nothing Eddie X can’t do, from performing at such parties as White, Winter, Purple, globetrotting to spin in cities such as Tel Aviv, Ibiza, Toronto, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Montreal’s Black and Blue, and London, also remixing the best of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper,.

Eddie X began his career listening to Larry Levan at Paradise Garage and Junior Vasquez at Sound Factory before going on to produce and spinning the most legendary parties in Los Angeles and Miami in the ‘90s. Eddie X is now more focused on the live club and party dates, and producing some of the hottest remixes as L.E.X., than ever before. The positive critical acclaim confirms his knowledge as a producer with remixes EDDIE X uses his talent to guide a dance crowd.

His style is to educate and take people on a journey. He believes in reading the club and work with the energy of the crowd. Seeing EDDIE X spin live, he treats the booth like a stage and he’s always performing. For Eddie, spinning is more than mixing and matching, it’s high theater. Eddie X has over fifteen years in the dance industry and currently remixes and produces. He innovated underground deep House in Los Angeles in the early ‘90s; he brought his signature sound to Miami in the mid-’90s when South Beach maestro Ingrid Casares brought him on board at Liquid. He also revolutionized Saturday after-hours with Pump.

Eddie X began his career in entertainment as a dancer, having studied in New York City at the Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham Schools, and auditioning for Broadway shows. He went on to choreograph and entertain in shows and videos for such groups as Mantronix, C&C Music Factory, Jody Watley (“Friends”), and Black Box (“Everybody Everybody”). Meanwhile, he was out at the clubs, soaking up what was shaping up to be the dawn of the big underground House sound patent to New York City. From Paradise Garage to Zanzibar to Sound Factory, Eddie listened intently to jocks like Junior Vasquez, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Tee Scott, and David Cole. When he moved to Los Angeles, he did so to pursue choreography. With DJ Eric Puyu and partner Manny Rodriguez, he opened Spice Club in the heart of Hollywood and named the night “Temple.” It was one of the only spots in L.A. where people could party all night, and, within weeks, people were lined a mile-deep at the door. Temple started with 200 guests and soon began to grow. It was a little mystery club, and by week eight Eddie X had 3,000 people coming through the door on a Saturday night. During this time, he was about to break out on his own as a DJ and take his show on the road. Before long, ‘Temple” was moving from location to location in Los Angeles, with Eddie notifying a mailing list of thousands about enormous parties, whether a launch for ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” or “Men’s Skirt Party.” Eddie had another residency, “Pump,” at the El Rey Theatre. As the L.A. scene slowed and Miami became the hub of glamour and nightlife in the mid-’90s, Eddie sprang into action. He had been summoned in 1996 to spin a night at the legendary Warsaw Ballroom in South Beach.

Eddie X became resident DJ at LIQUID nightclub. The hottest dance club on South Beach anyone who knows anything about nightlife is well aware that Liquid was the apex of entertainment … Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, and every celebrity in town that week were regulars inside the hot spot while as many as 500 people would wait outside to get into the club. Eddie enthuses: “This was the time when Miami was the bomb.” He also gave life to Miami after hours with “Pump.” After five years, it became the longest-running club at that time in South Beach. By 2003 when “Pump” closed, Eddie had established himself as an international sensation and a master remixer. By then L.E.X. had been born and his client list ranges from newcomers to legends such as Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer. In addition to doing work for Madonna and Barry Manilow, Eddie has put his spin on including Cyndi Lauper’s “Walk On By,” Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone” and Mis-Teeq’s “One Night Stand.” And, when he’s not in the studio, he simply can no longer be tied down: you’ll find him doing his handiwork at the decks at clubs and parties all over the world.

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