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Frank Abraham

Frank Abraham

Hawaiian-born and raised, DJ/Producer Frank Abraham is quickly establishing his position among the ranks of top circuit DJs. He has spun a wide range of events including: “White Party” (Palm Springs), the prestigious “MAC Fashion Cares (Vancouver), “San Francisco Pride”, “Sundance (Russian River/San Francisco), and “The Factory” (LA). Frank also makes regularly scheduled appearances at his current residencies at “BUMP” After-hours (San Francisco), MASS (LA), and Chaos (Sunnyvale).

Frank’s fairly young career in music began in 1997 with the birth of his record label, AM Records. He taught himself how to mix as a means to produce dance compilations for himself and his friends as a hobby. He had no way of anticipating the overwhelming response to his music. Before he knew it, Frank was pushed into the spotlight spinning for live audiences. Within his first year of Djing publicly, Jeffery Sanker asked Frank to spin two spots at the 2001 “White Party” in Palm Springs. This was quite an accomplishment for this new DJ.

Circuitpartyinsanity.com, a yahoo email discussion group with approximately 3,030 members nationwide, recently conducted a series of “Best of 2001” polls. Honored to be nominated for the title, Frank was voted #3 out of 20 in the “Favorite New Rising National/Global DJ” category by the group’s members. Frank’s popularity among the circuit crowd can be largely credited to his reputation for consistency and ability to raise and maintain the energy level at any event. His unique mix of uplifting vocals, sexy grooves, and seductive tribal beats take the crowd on an incredible journey.

Frank is also known for producing and mixing popular pride.2001 (San Francisco Pride’s Official Dance CD), Circuit 2K Series and TrancXstacy dance compilations. Frank has also produced several Billboard dance hits including: “Keep the Party Jumpin” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” with recording artist Jeanie Tracy. He has also co-produced various projects with DJs Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aguillera (Rosabel).

Frank is proud to say that he has recently expanded by producing compilations for other popular up-and-coming circuits djs. The AM Records family now includes our own Phil B (SF-MASS), Dawna Montel (LA-Trade), Paulo (LA-Factory), and Kimberly S (LA-Factory and Girl Bar). These are just the first of many collaborations that Frank will be working on with other DJs. You will want to keep up-to-date on this one as well as his upcoming compilations, scheduled for this Spring/Summer 2002!!!

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