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Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker

San Francisco – In the world of full-time DJ maestros, Matthew Baker is among the cream of the crop. His dance mix CDs Groove and Universe have received wide acclaim and are heard on dance floors internationally. Behind the decks, he has performed for ecstatic crowds at clubs such as The Cafe’, X Men, Alan Vorhese’s Afterhours club Next!, and Audrey Joseph’s newest sensation Mezzanine. Matthew previously held a residency at Audrey’s crown jewel Club Universe, which Vogue described as “the most New York of San Francisco nightclubs.”

While San Francisco has been the focus of Matthew’s career for the past decade, he is ready to expand his horizons. “I’d always regarded the Bay Area as a home,” Matthew says, “but I think for everyone, ‘home’ is anywhere they can create a little excitement.” He regards DJ legends Danny Tenaglia and Steve “Silk” Hurley as his strongest influences.

Being a DJ was Matthew’s bliss from early on. As a kid, he was selecting and spinning tracks as background music for his sister’s clothing store. In mid-1980, he began performing at local clubs. Over the years Matthew developed a huge local following, reaching a pinnacle with his residency at the internationally renowned Club Universe. Besides Matthew’s main room gigs, he has been in demand at the San Francisco Pride Celebrations, and Exotic Erotic Ball, and has taken up the reins as the Producer for the Gay and Lesbian Day at WaterWorld for the past two years, headlining the most successful day in this event’s seven-year history in 2002.

Matthew is known and respected in the business for his work ethic and depth of experience, his relentless energy. He has an incandescent ability to size up and shape a room and to read a crowd like no other. Matthew is seeking long and short-term engagements in venues, anywhere, that have an appreciation for perhaps the most unique house anthem, deep house, tribal, and trance sensibilities on the planet.

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