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Guido was born in 1980 in Germany’s Capital of Art and Culture, Berlin. His interest in Music started very early during his High School and exploring the Rave and Club Culture of Berlin. Clubs such as TRESOR, E. WERK, PANORAMA BAR, ARENA, CASINO, NONTOX, and MATRIX were the Top underground Clubs of their Time. His curiosity about Club Music and Dj’ing grew exponentially. His curiosity raised him to be an internationally renowned DJ.

Starting with his own successful event called CLUB VOYAGE in early 2000 proving his clubbing and events knowledge boasting 200 people right from the beginning in Berlin’s Underground Industrial Warehouse. From here his passion was confirmed and he followed his path as1 of Berlin’s leading DJs.

His passions grew to find him in Top Clubs this time such as POLAR TV, STERNRADIO, BHF78, or even GEBURTSTAGS KLUB, and moving out of local Berlin to all over Germany and Europe. He join to be a Member of the formed Crew called SUCKED HOUSE FREAKS, and many Events followed from Open Air Clubs to Europe’s best-hidden secret Clubs. With A LIST celebrities such as Tyree Cooper, Elbee Bad, TV Rock and so on. His sounds were influenced by DJs and producers like Mark Farina, Azad Risvi, Inland Knights, Steve Bug, DJ T, Tiefschwarz, Loco Dice, Axwell, Swedish House Mafia, Hijack, Fedde le Grand or Jesse Rose to few to mention. During this time, he realized with his partner to take it another step and begin to produce his own Sound. SUNSET STYLERZ was born and the Project was signed quickly under labels like ALLHOUSEMUSIC, COSMOPOLITAN RECORDS, BLACKSOULMUSIC, BELOW THE RADAR, GETAWAY RECORDS, UNIT, SHAK DIGITAL, LAKA TOSH and POSTWAR RECORDS. Furthermore, Sunset Stylerz started remixing for Producers such as Tracy Cooper, Diem, Johnny Manzella, and Anthony Molina. And having other rising artists and producers remixing his productions like James Curd from Greenskeepers, Tracy Cooper, Stank Dubz, Sliced Funk, Quell, Peter Munch, or Jetlag CPH.

He’s been on Charts and playlists by Jason Hodges from OM records, Sir Cosmic, Rick Neuman, and so on.

His eagerness to expand landed him with a small bag of clothing and a huge bag of records at the airport in exotic South East Asia. Nothing to eat but Music. He discovered a new Playground and started in any Clubs he can find. His popularity grew and gained Residencies in Top Clubs such as Club Time Out, Kings Lounge, or Club Culture for Example. Including being asked to design and run a Club in Koh Samui called THE CLUB SAMUI and BED BAR a very cozy Club right on the Beach of Samui. Inspired by the exotic Island atmosphere and trying it with how it’s done in IBIZA or even SAINT TROPEZ, he took his Company’s meter Yacht and created Samui’s most exclusive open ocean event called the LOVE BOAT and YACHT ROCK! Two years cruised by on the Island was enough for his restless Soul, he moved back to the City that never sleeps, Berlin to experience the summer and Tour Europe. He DJ’ing at Germany’s infamous LOVE PARADE, Switzerland and Austria, or even Thailand.

Back in Southeast Asia, he started new residencies, and new productions, basing himself in Pattaya’s ever-growing nightlife. He is ready for more! Look out for him in 2010 with his new project from events, music label, and even street and club wear DONT FAKE THE FUNK!


:CLUBS: Alte Schule (Schoenwalde/Ger) Scheunenviertel (Kremmen/Ger) Geburstagsklub (Berlin/Ger) Ship Party Passat (Travemuende/Ger) BHF 78 (Falkensee/Ger) Pussytotalbar (Dresden/Ger) Club Vojage (Nauen/Ger) Polar Park (Berlin/Ger) Centrum (Erfurt/Ger) Pferdeschwaemme (Perleberg/Ger) Alte Sparkasse (Veltin/Ger) KFM (Ketzin/Ger) Polar TV (Berlin/Ger) Capitol (Finkenkrug/Ger) Arena (Nauen/Ger) Sport Casino (Nauen/Ger) Sternradio (Berlin/Ger) Loft (Chemnitz/Ger) Fire Club (Berlin/Ger) ETC (Erfurt/Ger) Club Culture (Bangkok/Th) Koi FashionTV Lounge (Bangkok/Th) Gazebo (Bangkok/Th) Shark Bar (Koh Samui/Th) Silk Bar Bangkok/Th) Luminous (Bangkok/Th) Time Out (Bangkok/Th) Kings Lounge (Bangkok/Th) Jazzit (Bangkok/Th) Bar Bar (Bangkok/Th) Bed Bar (Koh Samui/Th) The Club Samui (Koh Samui/Th) Electronic Island (Gross Behnitz/Ger) Secret Yacht Party (Yacht Rock) (Koh Samui/Th) Fullmoon Warm Up Beach Party (Lamai Beach/Th) Fusion Club (Koh Samui/Th) DEEP BAR @ Dusit D2 Baraquda (Pattaya/Th) Pullman Asiawan Beach Club (Pattaya/Th) Kijani (Linz/Au) Solaris Bar (Linz/Au) Digital Club (Basel/Ch)

:OPEN AIRS: Himmelfahrtskomando (Lobbe of Sund/Ger) Polar Park (WM/Berlin/Ger) Khaosan New Year Countdown Festival (Bangkok/Th) Instyle Fashion Event (Brandenburg/Ger) In Bed with Space Worldtour (Koh Samui/Th) Songkran Event (Lamai Beach/Th) Fullmoon Warm Up Beach Party (Lamai Beach/Th) Nation of Godwana (Gruenefeld/Ger)

:RADIOS: Radio Airfunk / Globalbeats.fm / Techno.fm / Partysan.net / RadioBee.fm

:Companys: Bacardi / Heinecken / Smirnoff / Johnny Walker

:Played with: Elbee Bad, Tyree Cooper, TV Rock, Gawron Paris, Little Martinez, Adam Toxic, Kid Chris, Master Blaster, Sabrina Terence, Marc MacRowland, Ricardo del Horno and few others

:DJ RESIDENTS: Himmelfahrtskomando 02/03 (Lobbe of Sund/Ger) Club Vojage 02/04 (Nauen/Ger) Kings Lounge 07/08 (Bangkok/Tha) Micro Funk 07/08 (Bangkok/Th) The Club Samui 09/10 (Koh Samui/Th) BED BAR 09/10 (Koh Samui/Th) The Loveboat (Yacht Partys) 09-present (Koh Samui/Th) Deep Bar @ Dusit D2 Baraquda 10-present (Pattaya/Th) DONT FAKE THE FUNK WORLDTOUR 10-present

:Releases: Sunset Stylerz – the Kicker Ep – Cosmopolitan Records Cph (USA) Sunset Stylerz – under my Skin – AllHouseMusic (USA) Sunset Stylerz – cant get it Right – AllHouseMusic (USA) Sunset Stylerz – ched ched Boogie – AllHouseMusic (USA) Sunset Stylerz – lets get Funky Slave – Below the Radar (USA) Sunset Stylerz – the Fast Track Ep – Shak Digital (GER) Sunset Stylerz – Beach Road – Blacksoulmusic (CRO) Sunset Stylerz – le Boom Baby – Blacksoulmusic (CRO) Sunset Stylerz – Jack Mau5 EP – Shak Digital (GER) Sunset Stylerz present Johnny Karton – The only Way – Shaker Plates (GER)

:Compilations: Sunset Stylerz – le Boom Baby @ Deepest Shades of House Music (Various Artist Sampler) – Laka Tosh (GER) Sunset Stylerz – Twilight @ Deep Destination Vol.2 – Getaway Recordings (CAN) Sunset Stylerz – le Boom Baby @ Blacksoul presents the Underground (Blacksoulmusic (CRO) Sunset Stylerz – Beach Road @ Blacksoul presents the Underground (Blacksoulmusic (CRO)

:Remixes: Nate Wollmann – Tour the Floor (Sunset Stylerz hot Coffee Dub) – Postwarrecords (USA) Diem – Chuggin (Sunset Stylerz Remix) – Shak Digital (GER) Tracy Cooper – do you Think (Sunset Stylerz Remix) – Shak Digital (GER) Johnny Mazella – the Number Count (Sunset Stylerz Remix) – Shak Digital (GER) Olly B – play it Tough (Sunset Stylerz IBO600 Dub) Unit (NZ) Anthony Molina – Twilight (Sunset Stylerz Sugarfree Deep Rework) – Getaway Records (CAN)

:Recordlabels: Cosmopolitan Records (New York/USA) Allhousemusic (Los Angeles/USA) Below the Radar (Los Angeles/USA) Shak Digital (Germany) Blacksoulmusic (Croatia) Postwarrecords (San Francisco/USA) Getaway Recordings (Toronto/Canada) Unit (Raglan/New Zealand) Laka Tosh (Germany) Shaker Plates (Germany)

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